Installation of Rotoplus Slimline Tanks

Water Tank Installation Guide:

There are several factors that will determine the most appropriate location of your rainwater tank. First walk around your house and note the locations of your downpipes. The closer the tank is to a downpipe, the simpler your install will be.

Once you have selected an appropriate site, you can begin to prepare this site for the tank.

Check the relevant regulations relating to rainwater tank installation with your local council.

Your S-Line rainwater tank should be handled with care. When moving into position, avoid rough and sharp surfaces.

All SlimlineTanks must be installed on a level concrete slab (min 75mm) slightly wider than tank (100mm) length and width approximately 100mm if it allows.

Tank must have a minimum clearance of 50mm from walls or fence

All threaded fittings must be hand tight only using teflon tape.

Water tank stands can be used but must be designed by a qualified consulting engineer.

For further information on how to install a water tank in your local state please use the Australian

Installation Handbook’ HB 230 -200

Installation Guide for Round/slimline Proplastics Tanks

Line up all tanks starting with Tank 1 from your left;

Use Teflon tape on all directors (approximately 10 turns);

Screw directors (hand tied) to 1″ plastic fitting;

Fit hose supplied with S/S clamps;

Fit ball valve to 1″ brass outlet and on the other side fit plastic 3/4 plug;

We recommend that the overflow be installed on either:

  • Tank 1: 9 o’clock;


  • Tank 4: 3 o’clock;

Silicone must be used in between overflow and tank. After screwing overflow to tank with six S/S grab screws use a hole saw to cut the hole between 50mm and 70mm;

After all tanks have been joined and overflow installed, slowly push them into position (Pro Plastics recommends 2 people when more than two tanks are placed into position).