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Original price was: $2,780.00.Current price is: $2,365.00.
Height: 1700mm
Width: 1640mm
Length: 2470mm
Original price was: $3,550.00.Current price is: $3,395.00.
Height: 1665mm
Width: 1640mm
Length: 3520mm

The purpose of Septic Tanks is to treat residential wastewater through the settling of solids and the floatation of grease and fasts. These are commonly installed in areas that lack connection to main sewer lines.

Effluents from Septic Tanks are not suitable for irrigation and must only be applied to land through a soil absorption and aerated system. Please ensure you check with your local council to confirm that this is allowed in your area.

Septic Tanks are easily installed with minimal excavation due to the low profile. The self-anchoring design does not require concrete to be poured. Once the tank is in place in the ground the hook-up time is approximately 10 minutes. These time saving ideas will result in lots of cost savings.

The 3,000 litre tank is recommended for application for 1-5 people household while the 5,000 litre tank is recommended for application for 6-10 people household.

We highly recommend you contact your local council prior to digging to confirm location of cables and pipes. Ensure the excavation hold is dug far enough away from foundations and adjoining structures. Where no regulations exist we suggest excavation from existing structures be a minimum of 2 times the depth of the excavation.

Its most important for success of your tank system that it be installed by a registered plumber. Ensure the lifting lugs are used when moving the tank into place. Also, ensure you read and follow all the installation instructions to ensure your tank will be fit for purpose and the warranty will be in place.

All tanks are manufactured in Australian and are certified to the Australian Standards.