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Bushfire Tanks for BMO (Bushfire Management Organisation) are steel water tanks with a special fire fitting which enables a fire truck or CFA truck to attach their hose and fight fires. These tanks are now in huge demand as Australia has been on the back foot with fires over the last few years.  Local councils now require a specified amount of water to be available for fire-fighting purposes only. The (BPA) Bushfire Prone Area is an area on the map which is a bushfire hazard, including grassland, for Victoria’s building system. In the BPA, a minimum construction standard applies to new residential buildings. If a building in the BPA a bushfire hazard assessment is required to be completed.  THis will determine the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). Based on the BAL for your property, different size Bushfire tanks are required. However, a minimum BAL of 12.5 will be applied. The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) highlights on the map, the areas of extreme bushfire hazard, including wooded areas. Please note, The BMO applies in addition to the BPA so areas where the BMO applies, the BPA also applies. The BMO triggers additional planning permit requirements. This includes mandatory bushfire protection measures – such as Bushfire BMO / CFA tanks. Steel Water tanks nowadays are pleasant to the eye and are also a real favourite in residential homes due to their bold yet peaceful appearance.  Steel Bushfire water tanks also come in many colours to suit your property. They are available in four different shapes -  slimline, round, modline and square. Please contact us if you have a particular space and require dimensions not available here. Contact Us