3000 (3 tank styles) – House pump (price includes delivery)

3000sb with house pump MHR20370


3000 litre tank plus House pump MHR20 370 with delivery to ACT and SYDNEY Metro – Any areas outside this please contact us for pricing.

Tank Options:

OPTION A – 3000sx super slim – L 2900mm x W 650mm x H 1995mm

OPTION B – 3000sb short base – L 2350mm x w 80mm x H 2200mm

OPTION C – 3000ssb super short base – L 2100mm x w 880mm x H 2200mm

Tank includes 4 x 1 inch Brass fittings at both ends together with an un-drilled overflow on each end and a 300mm leaf strainer.

The MHR20370 is an automatic rain/mains change over pump. Up to 4 outlets and flow rate of 55/60lpm. The pump has an electric pressure controller which automatically starts the pump and the pump will automatically change to mains when the tank is empty.  This pump is suitable for bathroom and laundry use.

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3000 (3 tank styles) – House pump (price includes delivery)




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