Buy Water Tanks Sydney

Get Tanked Water Tanks has a wide distribution network. Our logistics department are kept busy with the delivery of Water Tanks Sydney. Our drivers are very experienced in manoeuvring our truck and trailers to deliver water tanks Sydney through the small narrow streets.

Our drivers’ responsibility does not stop there. They are happy to help place water tanks in their final resting place if there is clear access and no obstructions. Accordingly, customers who purchase water tanks Sydney are in good hands.

There is a huge increase in the demand for slimline water tanks as a result of many new build homes occurring. Similarly, the increase in demand for slimline tanks Sydney is also on the increase as residential homes are sourcing water storage for their home. These slimline water tanks are tanks designed to fit down the side of existing homes and can fit between down pipes, windows and doors. Our website details the full list of slimline water tanks Canberra and water tanks Sydney that are available.

Customers who are a little more concerned with street appeal might choose to consider steel water tanks. Steel water tanks are often described as bold and will certainly add to the aesthetics of your home. All the water tanks displayed on our website are manufactured in Australia and come with a manufacturer's warranty to ensure the water tank will service you well for the life of the warranty and more.

Please chat with us for further information about Water tanks and how they can benefit your property.

The Only Place To Buy a Water Tank In Sydney

Storing water is always a good strategy in Australia. Rainwater is the principal source and can be utilised topping up the swimming pool, watering the garden, or doing everyday laundry and chores. Get Tanked is the leading choice when considering a water tank in Sydney, Canberra and anywhere else in NSW.

An Attractive Poly Water Tank For Sydney Properties

Poly tanks are the most remarkable breakthrough in storing fresh rainwater, dirty sewage, and every water grade. Made from recyclable polyethylene, these tanks have a verified lifespan of over 35 years when correctly protected from direct sunlight and installed on a firm base. There is no excuse not to replace that ageing asbestos tank with a new – and higher capacity – poly tank in green, beige, red, blue or brown.

  • Shape. The standard shape of a poly tank is the ribbed, rounded form, which looks like a typical Sydney water tank and requires a base size proportional to its capacity. It is also available in a squat model when the x-axis greatly exceeds the y-axis. The slim models are for when you want a water tank but don't have the yard space for the standard models.
  • Capacity. Our range of poly tanks comes in various capacities, and we stock several brands, shapes and sizes. The recommendation is to get the largest tank that will fit, as you can never have too much stored water.
  • Underground. We also have several underground poly tanks available, which are great for a permanent installation with short space above-ground. There are two main versions: for foot traffic and vehicle traffic on top. The only drawback is that gravity doesn't assist in the outflow, and therefore a suction pump is required to get the water out.

Store It With Steel Water Tanks In Sydney and Beyond

Is plastic not your thing? Consider a stylish steel water tank, then! The steel tanks are functionally the same as the poly tanks, with the water staying put on the inside. A steel tank will last just as long as a poly tank, and the steel is just as recyclable as polyethylene. The only real difference is the excellent gong sound that an empty steel tank makes when tapped – although care must be taken not to compromise its durable integrity.

  • Material. The tanks are made from BlueScope steel, the same steel used for roofing sheets all over Australia. Proven rugged and robust, a correctly installed tank carries an impressive 20-year corrosion warranty. It is available in a ZINCALUME® finish or colourful COLORBOND® to match your roof, shed and fence.
  • Shape. Three shapes are available: the popular slimline, the standard round and the massive rural tanks. The slimline models are further available in skinny, slim, squat, tall and modline.
  • Capacity. The smallest steel tank holds a mere 1000 litres compared to the 362 kilolitres of our largest rural tank. The mega tanks are shipped disassembled and come with an access ladder, lockable hatch and reinforced food grade 7-layer liner to keep your water fresh.

The Technical and Administrative Details of Sydney Water Tanks

Purchasing a water tank on our website is extremely easy, but do also consider how it will be delivered to your home, construction yard or farm. This is the essential administrative aspect of taking possession of your new slimline water tank in Sydney that will provide you with years of faithful water storage and fun with pumps and pipes.

  • We deliver all tanks to your designated address. Cost depends on the size of the tank and the distance between the delivery address and our storage yard. Delivery cost is displayed on the product pages for each tank.
  • We request that assistance is available on site to remove the tank(s) from the delivery vehicle and move it into a temporary position. One or two sturdy lads, but a few more will prevent unwanted back strains for larger tanks.
  • We politely request that prospective owners are present during delivery or a responsible appointee. Otherwise, the driver may or may not off-load the tank(s) and accessories at his discretion – in which case we do not accept liability.

More About Get Tanked Water Tanks

We are the tank reseller with the largest selection of water tanks in ACT and NSW. We have also differentiated ourselves from the competition through our prompt delivery service and assistive installation – meaning we tell you how to do the work. We also supply the appropriate pumps and filters for your particular tanking requirements, leaving out the guesswork so common with other distributors of water tanks in the area.

Contact us to discuss your comprehensive requirements for water tanks in Canberra, Sydney, ACT and Victoria, NSW.