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Grundfos Pumps have been supplying water pumps for over 75 years.  Water has been the heart and the driving force behind Grundfos solution to water and climate challenges.  This purpose is central to all decision making.

Core Values that guide Grundfos pumps are sustainability, trust-worthiness, ambition and product solutions. With advanced flow of water system innovation and energy optimisation, their promise is to protect, respect and advance the flow of water.

Grundfos have expertise in the following area:

– Manufacturing and industrial

– Mining

– Agriculture, irrigation and sports turfs

– Commercial

– Domestic

Being Australian, Grundfos provide full manufacturer warranties with all products sold.  The pumps are certified AS2417 Australian Standards. This means all pumps are designed and delivered fit for purpose and backed by a 2 year global warranty against product and material defects.

Height: 390mm
Width: 405mm
Length: 186mm
Height: 664mm
Width: 160mm
Length: mm
Height: 664mm
Width: 160mm
Length: mm