Buy a Water Tank to Harvest Rainwater From Your Roof

Rainwater has many uses, such as watering the garden or flushing toilets in your home, and you can buy a water tank to start collecting it right off your roof. Get Tanked Water Tanks supplies a wide range of steel and poly tanks in Australia. We can help you get started with rainwater harvesting, storage, and usage with a tank that suits your space and water consumption needs.

How Do Rainwater Tanks Work?

Water tanks are not only for rural properties! You can install one in almost any space to make the most of the rain in your area. Here’s what you need to know about using a water storage tank for your home or business:

  • Tanks collect and store rainwater that typically falls to the ground and drains away in stormwater systems. You can collect water at home from the rain that lands on your roof, and you’ll need to divert it into a gutter system that spills into a storage tank. The surface area of your roof determines how much water you can harvest.
  • To install a rainwater tank, you need to prepare the location and connect your gutter system to the tank inlet. Make sure the tank stands on a solid concrete slab or engineered stand to support the weight of the water when full. You can use PVC or HDPE pipes to connect your gutters to the tank, and the best installation locations are usually near downpipes.
  • Once your tank starts collecting rainwater, you can store it. High-quality water storage tanks are treated to ensure the water inside stays uncontaminated and clean, and you can store it indefinitely. You will need to calculate how much water your household uses before choosing a tank to get a size that holds enough water without overflowing.
  • You will need a pump to divert the stored water into your home or garden so you can use it. You can install a water filter to remove sediment from the water before it enters the pump or kill bacteria and other contaminants if you want to drink the harvested water. Rainwater is perfect for watering gardens and livestock, washing clothes, running showers, flushing toilets, and more.

Four Reasons To Buy a Water Storage Tank

Water is a free natural resource that you can collect and use to run a self-sufficient property, and using a water storage tank and pump system is an easy way to bring natural water into your home. Here are four reasons to buy water tanks for domestic, commercial, or rural uses.

It can save you money.

Using rainwater reduces your reliance on mains water and can help you save money on your water bills. It can reduce costs significantly if you have large consumption requirements, such as filling a swimming pool, keeping water troughs full, or irrigating a large landscape or farm.

Protects water supply during shortages.

Increasingly dry summers can cause water restrictions that may affect your daily life or business operations. A water storage tank can act as a reserve water supply for dry seasons, burst pipes, or other unexpected shortages and faults with the mains supply.

Rainwater is free from chemicals.

Clean rainwater does not contain chemicals, such as fluoride and chlorine, and is often better for your health. You can filter harvested rainwater to make it safe to drink, and many filters infuse natural additives into the water that improve its taste and odour.

Environmental benefits.

Using rainwater for daily use reduces the amount of water that runs into stormwater systems, collecting dirt and debris and requiring heavy chemical filtration. Lowering the flow in municipal waterways reduces the risk of floods, and using rainwater can help you implement eco-friendly irrigation practices that conserve water.

Why Choose Get Tanked Water Tanks

Get Tanked is Australia’s trusted water tank, pump, and accessories supplier. We stock a broad product range from leading brands to help you get the best water harvesting equipment for your needs. Here’s what our loyal customers have come to expect from our water tanks:

  • Excellent customer service. We are committed to providing an enjoyable customer experience, and you can buy water tanks from our online store from the comfort of your home. Our friendly, professional team will gladly help you choose the tank that best suits your needs. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, and we publish nstallation guides and water consumption calculators to streamline your shopping process.
  • High-quality tanks. We stock a wide range of premium large and small water tanks suited to diverse applications. Our tanks come from trusted brands, such as Polymaster and Kingspan, at reasonable prices that often include construction and corrosion warranties. Every tank we stock meets Australian water and chemical storage standards, ensuring quality-tested products for safe rainwater harvesting.
  • Large distribution network. We supply water tanks and accessories across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory. Our experienced team will deliver your tank with care, and you can expect prompt delivery and professional service when you order from our online store. Our extensive footprint allows us to offer supreme after-sales service even in remote or rural locations.
  • Builder’s packages. You can choose a water tank package for construction and renovation projects for a simpler check-out process. We carefully pair water tanks with suitable pumps in each package, ensuring you get a combination that works efficiently for its intended use. Our builder’s packages include slimline tanks with pumps suited for garden irrigation and single or double-storey house water supply.

Buy a Water Tank Online To Start Harvesting Rainwater Today

Get Tanked Water Tanks makes finding a quality water tank for sale easy. Our extensive range of round, slimline, and underground thanks come in steel and poly options in various colours to suit your space. Start shopping by area to find the best products available in Victoria, Queensland, and NSW or ACT or contact us for more information.