Pumps for Domestic use

1. Garden usage.

This pump usually has a pressure controller (senses the pressure change in your hose and when you shut down the hose nossle, the pump will switch off) and a run dry protection. Pumps usually have a 60 litres per minute flow.

2 a. Household pumps – MAINS CONNECTED

These pumps have automatic mains water backup. When the tank water is low it will automatically switch to mains water. Single storey houses usually require 50 to 60 litres per minute water flow Double storey houses usually require 75 litres per minute water flow Submersible pump options are available also.

2 b. Household pumps – RURAL – no mains water supply available

These pumps are used to supply the whole house water supply and are equipped with a pressure controller.

Pumps for Schools, Offices, Commercial, Irrigation

We can supply all of your pump requirements.  Please call us and detail the purposes of your pump and we can help.  Contact Us