CFA Fire Fitted Water Tank

Stay Prepared With A CFA Fire Fitted Water Tank

With the impacts of climate change, CFA fire fitted water tanks are more important than ever. These water tanks differ from your standard water containers as they’re intended for fire control rather than for domestic use. But what makes a water tank CFA fire approved? Let’s delve into it.

What Makes A Water Tank CFA Approved?

For a water tank to have CFA approval, it must contain a static water supply all year round. More specifically, councils require every fire fitted water tank in Australia to contain either 5,000 (for properties between 500 and 1000 sm) or 10,000 (properties larger than 1000 sm) litres of water at any given time. They also have to be accessible which means fire trucks must be able to get within four metres of the tank. They would also need room to turn around if necessary. In addition, each CFA fire fitted water tank needs CFA compatible fittings, giving their hoses access to the much-needed water supply. For tanks containing 10,000, a household connection is also required, offering a place to connect a fire pump.

Why You Should Choose Get Tanked To Supply You CFA Approved Water Tank

Available in multiple colours and sizes, our CFA water tanks are not only attractive, but their durability means they’re able to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Made with AQUAPLATE® steel, our CFA water tanks come with a 20-year Corrosion Warranty AND a 10-year Construction Warranty, so you know you’ll be making a long-term investment that works for your property. In addition, each of these tanks includes a fitted mosquito screen at the top of the corrugation of the tank wall, warding off insects during their breeding seasons. To make sure it fits comfortably on your property, you can purchase your very own CFA fire fitted water tank in one of the four shapes:

  • Slimline
  • Round
  • Modline
  • Square

However, if you’re concerned about placement, not having enough room or you don’t want to purchase an additional tank solely for CFA purposes, we’ve got you covered. Here at Get Tanked, we can offer even larger tanks, inserting a domestic fitting at either the 5,000 or 10,000-litre mark so you can still adhere to council regulations and maintain your household water supply.

Need a CFA Approved Water Tank? Get Tanked Can Help

Family-owned and operated, Get Tanked offers state of the art water tanks, pumps, and other accessories to customers right across Australia. With years of experience, the team at Get Tanked is committed to quality, offering premium water storage solutions and high-quality services every time. Designed to tackle the Australian climate, our CFA fire fitted water tanks are Australian Made using the highest quality steel and attachments for your peace of mind. So, if you’re in Australia and want to stay prepared all year round, contact the water storage experts at Get Tanked today!