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Climate change is a real phenomenon that’s affecting countries worldwide. In Australia, the climate has never been more temperamental than now. Farms and rural dwellings’ need for water is greater than it has ever been before. To irrigate crops, feed livestock and the higher demands for domestic water results in the necessity for larger water tanks. In layman’s terms, the primary reason for installing a water tank near Victoria is to collect rainwater while it’s available to access during an impending shortage. It’s all about being prepared, so be sure to consider buying water tanks in Victoria.

Benefits of Installing a Slimline Water Tank in Victoria

Slimline water tanks are more suited to suburban and semi-rural properties. These tanks are unobtrusive and designed to fit in tight places i.e. down the side of a house, under a window or even behind a shed. There are some huge benefits to owning a water tank.

  • The efficient use of rainwater from your roof to your tank can save you money in the long run. The rainwater can be used for toilets and laundry purposes and to water your garden. Other uses include washing cars, filling swimming pools and general household cleaning. All these tasks can be done guilt-free using the water that mother nature supplies free.
  • With appropriate filters, the rainwater collected in your tank can be used for all household requirements, including showering, laundry, cooking and drinking. Knowing that the water you are supplying your family is free from chemicals and odours from the mains water supply can be a real benefit of owning a water tank.
  • Many local councils now require ‘new builds’ (new residential buildings) to instal rainwater tanks. Most local councils need 2,000 to 4,000 litres of water to be available for toilets and gardens. Further, local councils often require a detention/retention fitting to slow the release of rainwater into the storm water. This is an easy addition to a tank and can be added during manufacturing.
  • For green-fingered gardeners, a water tank will be your best friend. Using water collected in your tank will help you feed your plants and keep your garden looking perfect all year round.
  • Slimline water tanks can be a stand-out feature of your property or e unobtrusive and calming. The colour you choose for your water tank will determine the water tank’s ability to stand out or be hidden. Colours that blend with brickwork, render or timber will ensure your tank is suitable for your home. Choose a tank that contrasts the wall colour for a bold, stand-out feature.

Tips Regarding Water Tanks Near Melbourne

Several suppliers have a water tank for sale near Victoria, but not all products are equal. For this reason, you need to understand your needs and the basics of water tanks. Following these tips will ensure that you install the ideal tank for your property.

  • Understand precisely how much rain you can expect as it will determine the size of the tank you require. Some places may receive more rainfall than others. In Victoria, the average rainfall in a year varies between 200 millimetres to just over 1,000 millimetres. You’d have to calculate your harvesting capacity as each square metre of your roof collects one litre of water for every millimetre of rainfall. To calculate the roof surface area, multiply its width by its length and multiply that number by the average rainfall in the region. That number would be your Victoria water tank’s harvesting capacity. We also provide a helpful section on calculating the correct tank size.
  • Select the ideal location for the tank on your property. The best place to install a slimline tank is along a wall or fence to avoid obstructing any pathways. Please ensure you prepare the tank base correctly as every 1,000 litres of water is 1 tonne of weight. Larger round tanks for rural properties are usually positioned near sheds, homes and boreholes for ease of access.
  • Ensure that the material of the tank is suitable for your needs. Polyethylene tanks are best for the Australian environment as they are manufactured from food-grade raw materials. Be aware that some local councils nowadays require steel tanks for fire purposes. But be assured all tanks come with a minimum 10-year warranty and will last many years longer if they are looked after with some love and care.

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Victoria Water Tank Range includes slimline water tanks, underdeck water tanks, round water tanks and cartage tanks.  Tanks can be manufactured in either Poly or colorbond steel. To quickly identify tanks that suit your needs, simply select a product image.  Further description that details the dimensions of the water tank, a short detailed description of the water tank and the price. Delivery for the Victoria Water Tank Range - Customers can choose to pick up the water tank from our factory or Get Tanked Water Tanks can deliver the tank using our truck and trailer. The turnaround time for Victoria Water Tank range differs.  Most water tanks are 'made to order'.  When the tank is manufactured and ready for delivery, our drivers will make contact to discuss the delivery process.  The mass produced poly tanks (tanks under 6,000 litres) will usually be delivered from 2 days to 10 days from the date of order.  The larger poly tanks and steel tanks will take 3 to 6 weeks to deliver due to these tanks being 'made to order'. Its often hard to identify which water tank is right for you.  Often you will have a builder or a friend providing advise.  This is sometimes hard to navigate.  Often the best foot forwards is to ask someone who knows the cons and benefits of each tank.  We are happy to help you make a water tank selection that suits your needs. Please use the side bar to filter by tank 'type'.