Steel water tanks look sophisticated, are long lasting, and can be made to measure. Steel tanks are most suitable for Australian homes, businesses and rural properties.  Made from Bluescope steel they are built to last.  Tanks come with a 10 year construction warranty* and 20 year warranty against corrosion.

Often local councils in a rural or fire prone area will request a steel water tank with CFA fire fittings.  This water must be available for fire trucks to fight fires.

There are many colourbond colours available that can match your properties facade.

Steel tanks are made locally in Victoria, Sydney and Brisbane.

Steel tanks have had a steady rise in popularity.  Their bold and strong appearance make them a popular choice for newer homes.  Steel tanks are manufactured locally and they can be found in steel tanks Victoria category on our website.

Customers are increasingly selecting steel tanks for their inner city homes to keep in line with the Victorian designed properties built mid last century.  These steel tanks Melbourne do not stand out, rather they blend with the period homes.

Get Tanked Water Tanks supply steel tanks Melbourne and Steel tanks Victoria at very good prices. We do our best to keep our overheads low to ensure we can offer our customers water tanks are great prices.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks have recently hit the market with a real splash.  Health conscious Australians who are looking for the safest storage for their water are purchasing Stainless Steel Water Tanks.

The benefits include strength, hygienic, stylish, corrosion resistant, tough and recyclable.

Stainless steel water tanks ensure you have fast access to clean water, no matter the time of year. Whether you’re looking at a rain water tank for your home, farm, business or industrial facility – These water tanks are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

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