MAINS Connected Pumps – Pumps with rain bank

A rain to mains water pump contains a change-over valve that allow water pumps to switch between water from the tank and mains water supply. Accordingly, pumps with rain bank is simply a pump with a rain to mains change over valve.

This valve is highly important in ensuring a reliable water supply for toilets, laundry or gardens. It is estimated that households can save up to 40% of water when they install pumps with rain bank. The switching valve sits between the house pump and the mains water supply. This intelligent valve can determine when the water in the tank is low and will automatically switch to mains water supply.

These pumps with rain bank can only be used for properties who have access to mains water supply. Mains connected pumps can be external pump (sit outside the tank) or submersible pumps (submerged in tank water).

In practice, rain to mains valves have many different names in the market. Here is a list of them:

  • Mains to rain change over valve
  • Tank/town switch
  • Auto or interchange device
  • Tank to Mains change over
  • Diversion Valve
  • Pumps with Rain bank
  • Rain bank
  • Mains water backup system
  • There are plentiful benefits of using a rain to mains change over valve is as follows:

    1. Reliable water source

    2. Continual water supply

    3. Greater space available in the tank to harvest rain water

    4. Water saving device

    5. Environmentally friendly

    If you are considering the purchase of a mains connected pump, be sure to consider the pressure the pump will provide. We find that purchasing an under powered pump can be a source of frustration.

    Accordingly, if you have any questions or would like spec sheets of particular pumps please ensure you contact our office and we would be happy to help out.