Why You Should Buy a Slimline Water Tank

At Get Tanked Water Tanks, we know a thing or two about how to contain, store, and use rainwater in the most efficient way possible. When using one of the many tanks in our broad range in conjunction with our industry-leading house and garden pumps, we can help ensure water security at your home or farm.

We tend to encourage our domestic clients to buy a slimline water tank due to its discreet shape and ability to store ample amounts of rainwater for personal or commercial use. By giving you the option to choose the exact size, shape, and material for your water tanks, we can improve your residence with exceptionally made local products.

The Benefits of a Rural Water Tank

With one of the lowest annual average rainfalls globally, it should be one of your main priorities to secure water storage facilities on your rural property. Because most rural homes are off the beaten track, it might seem impossible to maintain a comfortable homestead without direct access to municipal water. Luckily, we offer our clients the chance to buy a rural steel water tank that can support a village. Among their various uses, our tanks can supply your property with enough water for:

  • Irrigation. If you tend to crops on your homestead or would like to take care of your thriving garden, rather have the assurance of ready-to-use water at your disposal. Instead of hoping for a downpour to wet your soil, take matters into your own hands.
  • Livestock. Although most livestock is tough and hardy, these animals also require a steady water source and can consume substantial amounts when the herd is large enough. By keeping your livestock well hydrated and fed, you increase the quality of the products you gain from them.
  • Household use. People usually do not consider their household water use, which revolves around personal hygiene, washing the dishes, and doing laundry. Household chores can consume quite a large amount of water and is something we cannot overstate.

How Poly Water Tanks Support Your Home

When considering one of our poly water tanks, you should be aware of the benefits that these containers provide. Polymer tanks are perfect for any property and can be easily concealed to fit almost anywhere, from their sleek design and lightweight body to extensive storage capabilities. We believe that our polymer tanks are a must-have due to:

  • Transportability. Because polymers are lightweight, these tanks are extremely easy to move, hoist to elevated surfaces, and transport between properties. By being able to move your water tanks at will, you will not need an entire team of workers and freight vehicles to take care of your slimline water tank.
  • Colour options. We offer our polymer tanks in more than twenty colours to suit your home or shed. We understand that although water storage tanks are convenient and helpful, they can stand out from the rest of your property when their colour doesn’t match your facade.
  • Weather resistance. Unlike untreated alloys, polymers are not only resistant to moisture but can also deal with unpredictable weather conditions for years without degrading. Poly tanks retain their shape very well and are scratch-resistant, making them the ideal material to store and transport water.

Why a Steel Water Tank is Perfect for Your Homestead

When your homestead focuses on crop production and livestock rearing, you should think about investing in a metal storage tank. These steel tanks are available in various shapes and sizes, with the rural storage units representing the largest available. Some of the benefits of our metal tanks include:

  • Colorbond® finishes and Bluescope steel. Our Colorbond® finishes remove the need for recurrent and consistent maintenance and repainting, which works in conjunction with our rust-resistant Bluescope steel.
  • Range of size options. We offer our metal storage units in hundreds of sizes. Our catalogue includes round, slimline, and massive rural tanks. We enable you to choose the tank that will suit your needs through our diverse range.
  • Applicability. Whether you install your tank at your home, business, or rural property, you will be assured of a safe and secure water supply. Many people redirect rainwater into their storage tanks, refilling their units without spending a cent.

About Get Tanked Water Tanks

We believe that we serve a fundamental role in enabling our clients to participate in water conservation, where each household, company, or homestead can be proactive in the way they gather, store, and use rainwater.

By decreasing our collective impact on the limited water supply we have, we can help ensure that everyone has access to their basic needs. We encourage our clients to remain conscious about their role in the natural world and can proudly supply the means to do so.

If you have no idea where to buy water tanks, be sure to contact us today and have us take care of your property.

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