Round water tanks are most suitable for rural and semi rural properties.  Therefore these tanks are made with capacity in mind. The round shape certainly limits the use in residential homes.

Round tanks do vary in size.  As a result, they vary from 200 litres to 365,000 litres.  The smaller water tanks are often used by mobile businesses like pet washing.  Mid size round tanks are most suitable for whole house water for rural properties.  The larger size round tanks are most suitable for irrigation and commercial uses.

Delivery of smaller round tanks are fairly simple due to the fact that they fit on the back of a truck and trailer.  Mid size round tanks are transported on their side in a cradle that holds the tank in place in delivery.  The larger round tanks often come delivered in pieces and are constructed on site.

Round water tanks are manufactured in poly or steel to ensure all customers needs are satisfied.

Most recently stainless steel water tanks are now in production.  This enables the end user greater choice in water tanks.  These tanks are manufactured with safety and cleanliness in mind creating a huge step forward in rural water storage.

Round tanks now come in a squat design that allows them to sit lower in your garden or under a window sill and below the eaves.  There is plenty of flexibility these days with dimensions available.

Buying a water tank can be simple process.

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