CFA Fitted Water Tank

The Need for a CFA-Approved Water Tank

Climate change and its implications have led to CFA-fitted tanks being more essential in recent decades. Compared to the usual domestic water tank containers, fire water tanks are designed to ensure fire control. Let’s take a look at the criteria for CFA approval on water tanks.

Criteria for CFA-Approved Water Tanks

Every water tank to get CFA approval needs to fulfil the following criteria:

Year-round static water supply: This is an essential condition for water tanks to receive CFA approval. The council states that fire water tanks in Australia should either be a 5000 litre bush fire tank able to sustain a 500-1000 sq metre property or a 10000 litre bush fire tank, able to sustain properties that are larger than 1000 sq meters, at all times.

Fire truck accessibility: CFA-approved water tanks should be easily accessible by fire trucks wherein the fire truck can be as close as four metres from the tank. The trucks must also have enough room to turn around once they are within metres of the tank.

CFA-compatible fittings: CFA-compatible fittings include a household connection, access to water supply through hoses, and a place where fire pumps can be connected.

With several homes being built in areas that are rural or semi-rural, steel tanks for bush fire have become a requirement by the local council to receive the Certificate of Occupancy. While a 5000 and 10000 litre bush fire tank is a commonly opted-for choice, many councils have also begun requesting 2500-litre tanks along with the CFA fire kit.

Over the last decade, bush fire water tanks have become an essential criterion during the building of a house in any rural area so that the requirements of the local council are met and the final approval shared. For areas that are fire-prone, this addition has made fighting fires easier for the CFA.

All of the bush fire water tanks are designed in a way that allows the CFA hose to be quickly attached to the tank in a short time. Individuals also often make it a point to combine the requirements of the CFA with their own domestic needs and choose larger steel tanks for bush fire than the minimum requirement. These can be inserted with domestic fittings. For example, if the local council requires a 5000-litre tank, certain households can call up for a larger tank and insert a domestic fitting at the 5000-litre mark from the bottom, making the additional water at the top in the tank available to them for domestic use.

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