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Stay Prepared With a Storz Fire Tank

In areas where bushfires are all too frequent, a Storz fire tank tanks are more important than ever. These water tanks are steel water tanks and are intended for fire control. With the recently devastating fires in late 2020, more and more local councils are requiring semi rural homes to instal Fire tanks.  In short, these are steel water tanks with a special fitting to fit the local fire fighters hose.

What is a Storz fitting?

A storz fitting is simply a fitting that is installed on your steel water tank that is fire fighting compliant.  This fitting allows the fire fighters hose to attach to your water tank for assessible water supply to help fight the fire on your property. It is also important to note that these fittings can not be added after market, it must be installed during manufacture to ensure product warranty. 

The standard NSW storz kit comes with 50mm outlet, 50mm ball valve, 65mm Storz adapter and 65mm dust cap.

Often customers will combine the Storz fire requirements and their own domestic requirements and purchase a steel tank that is larger. Simply, a domestic fitting would be inserted at a particular level so the water below the domestic fitting is quarantined for fire usage and the water above can be used for domestic purposes like watering the garden or for toilets and laundry.

Accordingly, if you are in the building stage, please ensure you read your plans carefully to see if a Storz fire tank has been called up.  As these tanks are made to customer order, there is a wait time of approximately 4 to 5 weeks.  Accordingly, its important not to leave it to the last minute to consider what tank is required.  Otherwise your certificate of occupancy will almost certainly not be received.

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