L 1000 x W 600 x H 830

Slimline Garden beds, made from Bluescope Colorbond Steel are an excellent space saving way to grow your own produce in your backyard!   Growing your own produce has never been easier.  Vegetables grown in your own backyard are the healthiest choice.  Using your own soil, your own hands, water supplied by mother nature, your vegetables will always taste better than store bought produce.

 Slimline garden beds can be made as small as 600mm wide and 1000mm long.  There are many different dimensions available so if the dimensions you require are not on our website please ask us to send a quote.

As standard, the garden beds will be 830mm high however if you are interested in something shorter we can actually cut your garden bed in half! Half height garden beds (415mm high) are only sold in pairs of two. 

Slimline Garden beds come in many colours.  Simply select the colour that suits your yard in the drop-down selector. You can match your garden bed to the environment, to your homes facade or even the down pipes and roof.  We will surely have a colorbond colour that will suit your needs.

Raised Garden beds can be easily dismantled and can be moved to a new position or you can take them with you if you move house.  This will suit people renting who may wish to take their garden bed with them.

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