2,000 LT

SL2000UR - Duraplas


  • L 1930mm
  • W 625mm
  • H 1930mm

Inclusions: inlet strainer 90mm overflow, 25mm brass flange and 25mm chrome ball valve – see image attached

Tanks are manufactured in one piece from UV stabilised food grade Polyethylene which meets the strict Australian Standards for food and water storage.

AS4020 – Drinking water

AS2070 – Food Contact

AS4766 – UV Requirement

2000 litre water tanks are the most popular tank sold. This tank size is called up for almost all new build homes. Their purpose is to hook up toilets and to provide water supply to the garden. This size tank is ideal for residential homes. Its large enough to hold sufficient water to run toilets and laundry yet its not too large that it intrudes or impacts the backyard.

There are various size water tanks – some have a shorter base, or squat tanks or even the super slim tank. These 2000 litre water tanks are designed to fit down the side of homes and to fit between down pipes and windows. The most popular water tank 2000 litres is the 2000sx super slim tank with a very narrow width of 570mm.

The 2000ssb or super short base water tank 2000 litres is a new design to the market in the last few years. This tank is ideally suited to units and duplex homes where there is not a lot of wall space to support a water tank. This tank is a very popular with many builders.

The 2000 litre water tank is also available in steel. The steel slimline tanks are a very popular with older turn of the century homes who wish to match their era with their water tank. On the reverse a lot of new builds are also calling up the water tank 2000 litres as they are very pleasing on the eye and can be matched with the home’s façade.

Please give us a call if you have any questions in relation to water tanks…..we are only to happy to help.

2,000 LT