50,000 Litre (Inc delivery zone)

50000 LT Polymaster

Original price was: $8,500.00.Current price is: $7,485.00.

The 50,000L ‘Mega Tank’ is the largest poly water tank in our range.  Manufactured in one piece, it has no joins, seams or part lines and we do not remove the top of the tank for transport. All rainwater tanks are UV stabilised and available in a range of 22 Colorbond colours.

This large capacity tank is ideal for farm water storage or to increase your mains water supply for a wide range of household uses, from drinking water to garden irrigation to water for the laundry and bathroom.  Piece of mid with a 20 yr warranty.


The 50,000 litre water tank is transported on it’s side in one piece.  The delivery truck has a hydraulic lift that can slide the tank off the truck and onto the ground.  Driver will try to offload as close as possible to the prepared base but this can be difficult due to clearance and soft ground.  Customers will require their own lifting equipment to move the tank into place if the tank can not be placed on the pad.

  • Standard Fit Out

  • Inlet with Strainer 500mm : @ 12
  • Overflow: @ 2 – but can be at 2,4,6,8,10,12 on clock face
  • Outlet 40mm: @ 4 but can be anywhere on the clock face
  • Brass outlet: 40mm with 40mm Ball Valve Included

  • Please click for product specifications 50000ltr-Mega-Tank-Specifications

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Compare and contrast 2 x 22,500 tanks vs 1 x 50,000 tank Compare 22500 to 50000

Lifting the 50000 litre tank brochure 901IN_LIFTING-PLAN-RWT50KL


50,000 Litre (Inc delivery zone)

Original price was: $8,500.00.Current price is: $7,485.00.