Get Tanked Water Tanks sell Poly Tanks, both slimline and round.  

Slimline water tanks are often more suitable for smaller domestic purposes as they take up less room and can often fit down the side of a house. Water tank colour is important to the backyard appeal and we can supply water tanks in over 20 colours to ensure your tank matches your style.

The round Poly Tanks are often more suitable for bigger blocks or rural or semi rural blocks where space is not so important.

Steel water tanks are aesthetically beautiful and can match the Colour Chart of your home.  The slimline steel tanks are again, more suitable for smaller properties whilst the larger steel tanks that come in sizes up to 30,000 litres have purposes for rural areas.

We also stock all your pump needs.  Whether it be domestic, commercial or irrigation pumps we have you covered. 

We sell submersible pumps for customers who might be short in space or just wish to have a clean tidy appearance.

Contact us if you require complex needs.

Over the years Get Tanked Water tanks have grown and we are now sending tanks to Sydney and Adelaide weekly.

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Water tank delivery

Get Tanks Water Tanks have a wide delivery network.  We supply tanks throughout Victoria and will deliver water tanks Pakenham.&nbsp

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