2000 LT – Foot traffic

2000LTM underground Foot traffic


1930 L mm x 1930 L mm x 120 H mm

2000 LEngineered for strength the Toroid underground water tanks are designed to last.  Made from chemical resistant food grade LLDPE resin, this tank will be hassle free.  The tanks can inter connect and can have provide plentiful water storage. The patented ballast system allows for gross loading on the tank.  The Toroid is an ideal solution for those who are constrained by space.

What’s included:

– 2000 tank – 100mm inlet and overflow – 50mm outlet

– Barrel filter

– Lockable lid

If you require extra height – please consider the cone riser which can be cut to height.

Please see full installation manual Toroid Full Installation Manual

Please see easy installation instruction Toroid installation 1 page

Please see lid installation lid_installation_traffic_zones

The 2000 litre underground water tank is a perfect solution for a limited space.  Several newly constructed homes utilize underground water tanks as technique for saving space. These water tanks are installed in the garage or under the pergola. Through this technique, the space in your courtyard or backyard can be saved.  During this construction process, a pit is channeled to fit the ground water tank.

Tanks which are fitted under the ground are protected with robust walls.  The internal pressure of land fill and the descending pressure of concrete exerts some amount of pressure on the underground tank.  So, to keep these tanks intact, they are manufactured by keeping strength and longevity as the main purpose. 

Along with the tank, a submersible water pump is installed to supplement the 2000 litre underground water tank.  This water tank is also designed for saving the space. Additionally, it has an addition benefit of reducing the noise.  The submersible pump is strong and can ensure proper water flow to washrooms or laundries. 

Other than functionality and space-saving nature of the 2000 litre underground water tank, there is one more advantage of installing the tank.  The 2000 litre underground water tank is available in a range of size options. You can select 3000 and 5000 litre water tanks for your construction site.  These tanks will be delivered through a normal trailer or truck.  Bigger underground water tanks are delivered through heavy-duty lifting equipment.

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2000 LT – Foot traffic




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