2000 LT (5 tank options) – Garden pump

2000ltr with garden pump DHJ800


2000 litre RP tank plus garden pump DHJ800

Tank Options:

OPTION A – 2000sx super slim – L 2450mm x W 570mm x H 2000mm

OPTION B – 2000sb short base –  L 2000mm x W 620mm x H 2000mm

OPTION C – 2000ssb super short base –  L 1600mm x W 750mm x H 2200mm

OPTION D – 2000ll Low line –  L 2900mm x W 750mm x H 1200mm

OPTION E – 2100 squat –  L 2500mm x W 750mm x H 1550mm

Tank includes 4 x 1 inch Brass fittings at both ends together with an un-drilled overflow on each end and a 300mm inlet with leaf strainer.

The DHJ800. Up to 4 outlets and maximum flow of 55/60lpm. The pump has automatic pressure controller and run dry protection. This pump is suitable for garden use. Both inlets and outlets are 25mm. Click here for DHJ800 spec sheet DHJ800 – Brochure

2000 LT (5 tank options) – Garden pump




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