Pumps – How to choose the right pump?

Pumps – How to choose the right pump?

In short pumps for water tanks are either:

  1. Mains Connected water pumps
  2. Non-Mains Connected water pumps


MAINS Connected Pumps

A rain to mains water pump contains a change over valve that allows the pump to switch between water from the tank and mains water supply.  

This valve is highly important in ensuring a reliable water supply for toilets, laundry or gardens.  Its is estimated that households can save up to 40% of water when they install a water tank.

These water pumps can only be used for properties who have access to mains water supply.

The changeover valve sits between the pump, mains water supply and inlet to the house.

We would always recommend an automatic changeover valve.  This intelligent valve can determine when the water in the tank is low and will automatically switch to mains water supply.  This devise will always use the water tank water as its primary source.

NON-MAINS Connected Pumps

Some locations in Australia do not have access to mains water supply ie rural or semi rural properties.  These properties must use pumps with No-mains changeover valve.

Also domestic homes who simply wish to use the water from the water tank to water their gardens, full their pools or simply washing cars may not wish to have a mains changeover pump.

All non-mains pumps have an automatic shut down when the tank water is not sufficient. This is to protect the motor.

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Mains Connected Pumps

Mains connected pump for toilets, laundry and garden – single story

MHR 20 370 Rain/Mains

Mains connected pump for toilets, laundry and garden – double story

MHR 20 550 Double Story Rain/Mains

Mains connected whole house pump 

HCE4-60 with MHR20 Whole House/Irrigation

Submersible pump 

Submersible MHR20-750s Rain/Mains 

Non- Mains Connected Pumps

Non-mains Garden pump


Non-mains Whole house pump


Non-mains Submersible pump

Submersible Top Multi Tech 2