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OSD – On-site Stormwater Detention

It’s commonplace nowadays If you’re in the process of building a new home or new project, your local council might require a retention tank fitting.  Often this depends on the location of your building and how effective the local storm water management system is. 

An OSD – On-site stormwater detention fitting on a tank is simply a way of retaining some water for re-use and other water for slow release back into the storm water.  This is often required when local council storm water is deemed not suitable to drain all the water from a downpour into the stormwater system adequately.  Read the rest

SEPTIC TANK – the solution!

Septic Tanks are a waste water disposal system commonly used when the property is not connected to municipal sewerage. 

Septic tanks these days are designed for fast and easy installation with all baffles and fittings pre-installed. There is no need for concrete as the tanks themselves are self-anchoring.

Waste-water tanks are mostly used for underground application with gravity to assist the flow. Most tanks will cater for households, small businesses for anywhere to 1-6 people.  A simple solution for more people is to add additional units.

Sewerage tanks can also be used as an above ground sewerage solution also. This will require an after-tank pump to pump out the liquid. Read the rest

Water Tank Rebate – On-Farm Connectivity Rebate

The On-Farm Connectivity program is a government initiative to provide support to rural Farms to support them in water conservation using digital solutions.  This water tank rebate can greatly benefit Australian farmers.

This water tanks rebate forms part of the wider Better Connectivity for Rural and Regional Australia Plan (Better Connectivity Plan BCP) to assist primary producers.

The On-Farm Connectivity Plan will run as follows: – ROUND 1

  •  10am October 27 2023 to 5pm 31 May 2024 or until fully exhausted (whichever happens first)

The Australian Government grant for the water tank rebate is a total of 30 Million. Round 1 has a 15 Million Grant.  Read the rest

How to Install a Water Tank

Water Tank Installation

How to Install a Water Tank


This brochure contains general instructions on how to install a water tank.  It also briefly covers how to manage the overflow and how to connect ball valves to your tank.  Please note this is a general guide on how to install a water tank for most handypersons – we assume the installer has a degree of understanding of plumbing pipework.

  1. Positioning Your Tank

  • If you know where you want to locate your tank, and your base is ready position the tank in on the prepared base.
  • Consider the position of your tank’s overflow – there is usually a flat section at the top of the tank to allow for the overflow connection. 
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The term “tank to pump connection” usually refers to the plumbing between a water storage tank and the pump. On a standard connection, the hose is usually a flexi hose to absorb any movement and there is a ball valve together with clamps.  Things you might wish to consider for your tank to pump connection:

  1. Choose the Right Pump: Before creating the connection, it’s crucial to choose an appropriate pump for the job. Pumps come in various types, such as centrifugal pumps, external pumps, and submersible pumps, each suited for different purposes.  Please contact us for more information if you have any concerns with what pump is ‘right’ for your job.

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Stainless Steel Round Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

The healthy choice 

Stainless Steel Water Tanks have hit the market with a real splash.  Health conscious Australians who are looking for the safest storage for their water are purchasing the Stainless Steel Water Tank.

The benefits of SS Water tanks are plentiful. 

  1. Stainless steel water tanks are strong.  They are built to withstand high and low temperatures. Your water tank will retain its shape and will protect your most precious resource with strength and integrity.
  2. Stainless Steel is a hygienic material.  It does not support the growth of bacteria and other pathogens – it’s an ideal solution to store your drinking water.
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Diesel Storage Tanks


The worlds predictable diesel prices have ended.  Savvy farmers, miners, construction and civil managers are looking at ways to save money. The Diesel Storage Tank is the way to go.

Built in Australia using Diesel-grade Hexathen to protect against leaching. This heavy duty, above ground diesel storage tank is ideal for Australian conditions. The PE material is UV stabilised for longer life in Australia.  The diesel tanks are also suitable for coastal locations as well.

Tanks are tested and certified to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4766 and come with a 5 year warranty.  These Diesel storage tanks are an ideal fleet solution for your bulk diesel storage and dispensing needs. Read the rest

Pumps – How to choose the right pump?

Pumps – How to choose the right pump?

In short pumps for water tanks are either:

  1. Mains Connected water pumps
  2. Non-Mains Connected water pumps


MAINS Connected Pumps

A rain to mains water pump contains a change over valve that allows the pump to switch between water from the tank and mains water supply.  

This valve is highly important in ensuring a reliable water supply for toilets, laundry or gardens.  Its is estimated that households can save up to 40% of water when they install a water tank.

These water pumps can only be used for properties who have access to mains water supply. Read the rest

Choose Get Tanked Water Tanks as your tank supplier SYDNEY

Choose us as your water tank supplier in Sydney?

Why Get Tanked Water Tanks?

Get Tanked Water Tanks supplies water tanks Sydney and surrounds. Therefore we are your one stop shop for all styles of water tanks from poly slimline tanks, Poly round tanks, steel water tanks, large rural water tanks, underground tanks and underdeck tanks. 

Two vehicles and trailers leaving our yards each day to deliver water tanks throughout Sydney.  You will be pleased to know that our drivers are happy to help place your water tanks in place if there are no garden beds or stairs etc in the way. Read the rest

Why choose Get Tanked Water Tanks to be your tank supplier MELBOURNE

Choose us as your water tank supplier in Melbourne?

Why Get Tanked Water Tanks?

Get Tanked Water Tanks is your supplier of rain water tanks Melbourne. We have supplied rain water tanks Melbourne over a long period of time.  Customers can choose which style tank to purchase from poly slimline tanks, Poly round tanks, steel water tanks to large rural water tanks. 

Delivery Network

Two vehicles and trailers leaving our yards each day to supply water tanks Melbourne.  Customers are always happy when help place your water tanks in place.  Please be aware that we can only help if there are no garden beds or stairs etc in the way.  Read the rest