A steel water tank with a CFA fire kit is now a common requirement when building a house in a rural area. To meet local council requirements and to receive final approval. These universal connections help the CFA to fight fires in fire prone areas. Within the industry we call these tanks – CFA Fire Water Tank.

Local councils will advise the minimum amount of water that must be available for the CFA. These fittings are a quick fitting that will attach the fire hose. See images below.

Often customers will combine the CFA fire requirements and their own domestic requirements and purchase a larger steel water tank. Customers would then insert a domestic fitting. As an example – If the CFA designated water requires 5,000 litres, then a smart idea would be to order a 7,000 litre tank and insert a domestic fitting at the 5,000 litre mark from the bottom. This enables the top 2,000 litre to be available for domestic purposes like toilets or garden. This results in the lowest water in the tank being designated for CFA water only.

CFA Fire water tanks fittings:

  • NSW – Storz fitting (various sizes, check with local fire authority).
  • Queensland – Cam-lock fitting 50mm.
  • Victoria – CFA fitting, three threads per inch, 65mm nominal bore.

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As more homes begin to be built in rural and semi-rural settings, local councils are requiring a CFA water tank to be part of the Certificate of Occupancy.

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