How to choose the correct size water tank


What Size water tank is suitable for me?

This question is all too familiar.  There are many considerations that contribute to get this answer correct for your specific needs.

Rural and domestic residence have different water tank needs.  Domestic dwellings would require a carefully considered water tank size to fit potentially down the side of a house or even between down pipes and windows   

Rural dwellings usually would require larger water tanks for their needs as they often can not connect to a main water supply if the tank runs dry. Rural areas might also have to consider fire fighting needs and seasonal variations in water fall.  All these considerations play a hand in deciding on the best size water tank for your needs. 

Firstly, consider in depth what your water requirements are. Its important to work out your current household water use.  I will provide an example for a rural area.  Lets assume the average rainfall in a particular area was 750mm and the average household water usage is 115 litres of water for each person.  In a regular 4 person household this is 460 litres per week. 

Next you will need to determine your catchment area.  This is the roof area to capture water.  An average 3 bedroom home usually has a 200m2 area.  There are many websites to help you determine the roof area of your home.

With these figures now calculated you can then decide on the optimum size water tank for your needs. 

Click here to calculate a suitable size tank for your needs.  http://tankulator.ata.org.au/questionnaire.php