Polythylene Water Tanks vs Steel Water Tanks

One Tank or Many Tanks

Often customers purchase one tank and then over time realise they have a need for more water.  This might not be an issue for a rural property but it might be an issue for a domestic dwelling.  Purchasing second or third tanks can make side of homes seem congested and unsightly. 

Often this decision to purchase a suitable size tank to limit the need to purchase extra tanks is based on foresight, requirements and timing of decision making. 

Polythylene vs Steel Tanks

The age old question is which tank to choose?  A polythylene tank or a steel tank? 

Often small poly tanks are more affordable than their steel counterparts.  Therefore, if your decision is based on a budget then this might be your overriding consideration.  For midsize water tanks, both the poly and steel tanks are very comparable in price and practicability.  Your decision may be based on aesthetics  and personal preference.

For customers requiring large water tanks ie over 50,000 litres often your only choice will be steel water tank.

Fire Resistance – Poly vs Steel

No tanks are completely fire-proof, however, steel tanks offer better fire resistance. Low heat bush-fire exposure can make steel tanks turn black on the outside, however, many steel-liner water tanks have remained intact when exposed to bushfire incidents throughout Australia.

Of course, during a high heat bush fire all water tanks will be destroyed.

Now days local councils will have their own standards that new builds or extensions need to adhere to.  We recommend you check with your local council.  If a local council require a fire fitted tank then the age old question of Polythylene tank vs steel tank is not applicable. 

Value for money and Warranty

Some tanks may be cheaper upfront, but lose out on durability, so are more expensive in the long run. Even if the upfront price exceeds a cheaper alternative, it’s important to look at the overall lifespan of the tank. If you’re going to be needing to pay for another water tank in 10 years, it’s probably better to invest the extra money for something that will last for over 20 years. Again the age old question which tank to choose – Polythylene tank vs a steel tank.