Can I drink the water from my water tank?

Yes – this is an easy question to answer and there is a reasonably cheap way to supply your house with fresh clean water from your water tank.

Firstly, you will need a water tank.  For domestic blocks we would recommend a 4,000 or 5,000 tank in the slimline range.  For a rural blocks and potentially not mains connected blocks, we would recommend the largest round tank that fits your budget and rain fall quota to ensure continuous water supply.

You will require a pump.  For domestic blocks we would always recommend a mains-connected pump.  This will ensure continuous water regardless of drought.  You can choose a pump external to your tank or you could choose a submersible pump that sits in the water tank itself.  The benefits of a submersible pump is space saving and noise reduction and external pumps are often kinder on the hip pocket.

The Aragon filtration systems would then be plumbed after the exit from the pressure pump. This whole house filter is built specifically to filter sediments, cysts, bugs, bacteria & virus, herbicides & pesticides and reduce any taste, odour or smell from the entire water supply.

The cost for clean filtered water supplied to your house is surprisingly very affordable.  

A 2000L slimline tank, external pump and aragon filter system start from $1,735 to $2,665 for a 5000L tank, submersible pump and Aragon filtration system. 

Please see our Water filter packages page for more options. https://gettanked.com.au/product-category/water-filter-pakages/